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Directions to Dental Office

Dr.Ornelas, practicing holistic biological dentistry at the San Diego border, offers low cost holistic biological dentistry to San Diego residents. Our facilities are located just 5 minutes from the San Diego, California – Tijuana B.C. Mexico Border.

The main parking lot is located on the San Diego side of the border and you may use the following Google link for directions or for use in your GPS unit.

Be sure and bring the Required Documents!

In order to travel across the border the Homeland security agency requires a valid U.S.A. Passport to enter and exit the U.S.A.

For any questions please call (619) 739-4396 or toll free 1-866-813-4999.

Recommended hotels in San Diego area:

Best Western, San Ysidro, CA.
Toll Free: 800-553-3933
Local: (619) 428-5521

Toll Free: 866-688-5061
Local: (619) 428-4486

RodeWay Inn
Local: (619) 428-2800

Recommended hotels in Tijuana area:

Hotel Real Inn.                                                 Hotel CityExpress Tijuana
Local: (619) 428-2800                                       Reservations: (664) 635-10-90

Reservations: 01 (800) 732-54-66                    Total Free USA: (855) 222-8285
Total Free USA: 888-697-3791                         
real-inn- tijuana.hotel-rn.com                            www.cityexpress.com 

Grand Hotel Tijuana                                       Río Tijuana
Reservations: (664) 681-70-00                        Reservations: (664) 681-70-00
Toll Free: USA: 886-472-6385                         Toll Free: USA: 886-472-6385
Grandhoteltj.com                                              www.Realdelrio.com



Mention the front desk know that you are a confirmed patient 


Dr. Jesús Carlos Ornelas Dental
Holistic Biological Dentistry Clinic

Please Contact us local or Toll Free!
Toll Free: 1-866-813-4999
Local:  619-739-4396 / International numbers:
011-52-664-683-48-87 / 011 52 664 682 32 42
Email: contact@biodentistry.org
USA Mailing Address:
642 PALOMAR STREET 406-207 / CHULA VISTA, CA / 91911

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