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Mercury Filling Contamination

Personal Experience with Mercury Dental Toxicity

Dr. Ornelas has Personal Experience with Mercury (Hg) Contamination:

I was contaminated with mercury (Hg) since 1980 (while in dental school) until the year 2000 when I realized the extreme contamination of my body. The Symptoms were various and intense, I do not have (and never had) any Mercury Fillings or Root Canals due to the fact that I have had very good and healthy teeth all my life. The chart of toxic elements to the right shows the extreme contamination of Hg (mercury) in my body. (You may click on it for a larger view.) I had detox treatment in the year 2000 by German doctors in München, Germany. The result was the total elimination of the toxic element (Hg) with absolute success and no recurrent side effects.

Removing your Mercury Fillings

After we form a plan to remove your mercury fillings, I’ll be happy to assist you with the proper lab test to see if your body shows signs of mercury or any other heavy metal contamination that may contribute to any health problems you are facing. All cancer patients should check for mercury toxicity and, according to some of the top cancer doctors in the world, should have their mercury fillings and root canals removed and a mercury detoxification of their bodies. It’s very common to find CANDIDA (fungus) and bacteria under the amalgam (mercury fillings), this can be eliminated or eradicated by using OZONE.

Elemental Mercury Vapor Visualization (video)

Brain Neuron Degeneration via Mercury (video)

Equipment used to remove Mercury Fillings

Rita Meter
Using the Rita Meter in Holistic Biological Dentistry.

To measure electrical charges on fillings, crowns and metallic appliances.
Fillings have been described as beings tiny batteries because they are composed of dissimilar metals in an electrolyte (saliva). The warm temperature of the mouth, bacteria and food debris provide an even better electrical environment. Perhaps fillings could be better described electrically by calling them capacitors. Capacitors, like the flash portion of a flash camera, build up a charge over a period of time, and then discharge much of their stored current in an instant. That is what this meter is attempting to capture.

What is a Negative Ion Generator:

As mercury fillings are place or, most significantly, cut out with a high speed drill moving at speeds of excess of 100,000 revolutions per minute, mercury is launched into the air as mercury vapor or as tiny particles of amalgam containing mercury. You can breathe it into your lungs or absorb it through your skin. A study of the biological effects of negative ions exposed many virtues of breathing negative ions. Negative ion generators provide a negative electrical charge that bombards the airborne mercury and neutralizes its charge.

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