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We offer a highly controlled sterilization system for your total security and confidence with space-age materials and mercury-free dentistry. We excel in giving you  the type of dental care you deserve!

Our Team

Dr. Lea K. Ornelas

Before attending dental school I started working alongside my father so I could learn more about Holistic Dentistry. Day by day I’m understanding every single detail from this dental specialty that helps people to have a better quality of life and health. How you treat people is essential to create a bond between patients and perform the knowledge we have in this specialty.

Dr. Jesús Carlos Ornelas

I’ve been practicing holistic biological dentistry for the last 30 years. Over this period of time I’ve seen so many patients get better when they have illnesses that general doctors or medical specialists can’t identify or related to the oral cavity.

Our world-class qualifications and facilities are our distinguishable feature that we are proud to provide to you.