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Antonio Caso #2055
3rd floor Suite 303
Centro Médico Premier
Zona Río,Tijuana B.C. México.

U.S. (619) 739 4396
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M.X. (01152) 664 682 3242
M.X. (01152) 664 683 4887


Approaching San Diego, You can be on either Interstate Highway 5 or Interstate Highway 805. Both merge into one freeway as you get closer to the border.

‘’Last USA Exit’’ freeway billboard sign comes up. Exit on it. Watch the left side. Camino de la Plaza. At the signal light turn left. Continue over a bridge. San Ysidro Blvd. At This signal turn right.

Immediate next small street has a Jack in the Box restaurant on the corner. Turn left on to that street at the restaurant but do NOT park in the parking lot. Your car will be towed away. You will see a large sign ‘’ PARKING’’ next to the restaurant so park your car there. Time you left the car should be on the ticket; if not, write it down. After the 8 hour limit. there is an extra charge. Trolley station with red trolley cars is there at the parking lot. Do Not take the trolley car as it will take you into the USA, not Mexico. Ask where the walk-in entrance to Mexico is located. Walk a short distance to the border station for Mexico

You must have your passport or passport wallet card, or old passport with birth certificate and U.S Post Office payment receipt for ordering a new passport.

After you are granted legal entrance to Mexico, follow the cement walkway. You can order an UBER transportation service once you cross to Tijuana, this is very economical.

To order an uber your destination will be CENTRO MÉDICO PREMIER.

We look forward to meeting and assisting you with the finest care.