We are Dr. Jesús Carlos and Dr. Lea Ornelas, our specialty is Holistic dentistry. 

We strongly oppose amalgams, metal restoration, implants (titanium, zirconia) and root canals that will endanger your immune system through the spread of anaerobic bacteria that is trapped inside of it.

Our approach to Dentistry encompasses both modern science and traditional procedures of natural healing derived from significant validated studies that originated in Germany over 70+ years ago.

What is a holistic dentist

A Holistic Biological dentist is a dental specialist who practices dentistry while understanding that the end result for the teeth and gums may affect the remainder of the body. Holistic Biological dental specialists trust that anticipation is the best cure, that tooth can be restored or prevented with proper nutrition, and that we should utilize every single dental material with a healthy degree of skepticism.

Holistic Biologic dental practitioners trust that setting metal as well as other outside materials in the teeth and gums may have unintended results. That is the reason numerous natural dental practitioners offer Biocompatibility Testing, or other biocompatibility tests, to ensure that the filling, crown, root canals, or other rebuilding don’t cause an unfriendly response on the remainder of the body.

It is a holistic approach that acknowledges that dental work affects not only the teeth, gums and jaw but also influences the entire body and health of a person.

Holistic Biological Dentistry also addresses the chronic health effects from the release of toxic metals from non-compatible fillings and prosthesis as well as implants.

Pioneered in Germany, Holistic Biological Dentistry focuses on treatment and therapies that is non-toxic, biocompatible and supportive of the immune system