One on One Treatment

Dr. Ornelas is a well-known predominant biological dentist, who has practiced Biological Dentistry for many years in Tijuana Mexico. His office is well equipped with the latest technological dental equipment in a clean antiseptic environment. Each procedure he performs is done with a highly competent dental assistant to provide the best possible results and outcome for each of his patients. Dr. Ornelas was trained and certified by Dr. Hal Huggins who was a pioneer in the field of Biological Dentistry. He is responsible for many techniques and procedures with the protocols to treat patients who desire Biological Dentistry.

Personal Attention

Each patient that comes in for dental work is given Dr. Ornelas undivided attention. Regardless of how long or short your procedure takes, you are the most important person in the office. All considerations are taken to make you feel as comfortable as possible. We want each patient to feel they had a good experience. We simply take care of your teeth, provide metal-free dentistry and great veneers or crowns if needed.

Affordable Treatment

Dr.Ornelas offers low-cost holistic biological dentistry to U.S.A and Canadian residents. Our facilities are located just minutes from the San Diego, California – Tijuana B.C. Mexico Border. Dr. Ornelas keeps a nice, clean dental office, with a knowledgeable dental assistant to give you one-on-one oral care with modern dental equipment. We offer a highly controlled sterilization system for your total security and confidence with space-age materials and mercury-free dentistry.

Tijuana A City Of Wonders

Welcome to our dental clinic

Welcome to the San Diego adjacent holistic biological dentistry clinic of Dr. Jesús Carlos Ornelas. We provide low-cost dentistry for patients seeking metal-free fillings, crowns, or Mercury filling removal. He also uses OZONE in most of his procedures. Dr. Ornelas has been trained and certified by Dr. Hal Huggins to perform the best treatment in biological, holistic or alternative dentistry.

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Tijuana A City Of Wonders

Our Services

Dr. Jesús Carlos Ornelas Provide Many Different Dental Care Options. Holistic Biological Dentistry knowledge Will Always Prevail In Order To Treat Any Problem You May Presents.

Safe Mercury Removal

We provide you a safe amalgam removal protocol. After we remove your mercury fillings, we assist you with the proper lab test to see if your body shows signs of mercury contamination that may contribute to any health problems you are facing.


Dental cavitation infections are a major cause of chronic disease. Once we find the area of dead bone caused by a dearth of blood flow to that part of the bone, we proceed to clean out the infected jaw bone in order to achieve optimum oral health.

Root Canal Extractions

Infection inside your tooth cannot be completely eradicated with a root canal procedure because there are many canals and nerve endings, as well as dental tubules involved with each tooth. Learn more about this topic here.

Partial & Full Dentures With Bio-Compatible Materials

All dental materials should be tested for compatibility prior to their use in order to insure maximum safety and good health. You cannot assume that your body will handle all materials equally well.

Full Mouth Reconstructions

Refers to rebuilding and/or replacing as many teeth as the patient’s needs. Full mouth reconstructions combine esthetics with the science of restorative dentistry to improve the health, function, and beauty of the mouth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We have developed procedures that focus on the appearance of your smile. Cosmetic Dentistry it's so complex because it crosses many dentistry specialties. While the main focus is on aesthetics, close attention is always paid to your overall oral health.

Healing Hands

Dr. Ornelas was trained and certified by Dr. Hal Huggins