Holistic Dentistry testimonial Crystal Mispilkin

I had gone to a dentist in California for some fillings and a general cleaning when they informed me that I would need a root canal, and my bill would be over 1,000 dollars. As a college student, I couldn’t afford this and didn’t know what to do. I also was not comfortable with getting a root canal.

I wanted to see my other options, and this is when I found Dr. Ornelas. He is the most knowledgeable dentist I have ever come across. He was easy to make an appointment with, and his office is very close to the border and sparkling clean! Like cleaner than most offices that I have been to. He is very passionate about his job, and made me feel very comfortable when I arrived. Dr. Ornelas took a 3d xray, and explained my options to me and was a great listener to hearing out my concerns about a root canal. He walked me through each step of the way, since I am very nervous with dental work.

He made sure I felt no pain and was comfortable, while he did ozone treatment and filled some deep cavities. He was able to save the tooth that I was supposed to get a root canal on, and saved me so much money! He has great pricing, and has a holistic approach which is so hard to come across. I am so lucky and glad I found him! I will be a permanent customer. I highly recommend it!!!

Crystal Mispilkin

Fountain Valley, CA.