Dr.Tk gossett

More amazing healings stories coming soon!

I am a very satisfied patient of Dr. Ornelas from Tennessee, USA. I contacted him & had several interactions with him by email before deciding to travel to Mexico to have cavitation surgery & to have a partial made for where I had lost two teeth. My surgical area healed very rapidly & he was able to have the partial made quickly. In fact, I was staying in Orange County with friends & only had to travel to Tijuana two days in one week to have all of this done.

I will add also that I had a problem with the partial & I mailed it along with the model of my mouth back to him & he redesigned it & mailed if back to me. I find that it works extremely well for me now. I appreciate that even though I was no longer in Mexico, that Dr. Ornelas went the extra mile & helped to meet my needs.

Dr. Ornelas’ office is very modern & clean as well as easy to find. I found him very attentive to my needs, even down to calling an Uber for me once & helping me with getting to the correct border exit another time. I would highly recommend Dr. Ornelas for any of your dental needs. It was well worth the trip from Tennessee to have this work done.

Well, I hope that little review helps you. I will recommend you to anyone I know that is interested in doing medical tourism for dental work!


Judi Toland

P. S. Hugs back to your sweet helper, Angelica!

Judi Toland

Tennessee, USA.

My experience with Dr Ornelas in Tijuana Mexico.
I recently (about 7 weeks ago). returned from a trip to Tijuana where I saw Dr Ornelas for the removal of my amalgam fillings I had crowns and about 6 fillings or more replaced. I chose Dr Ornelas after considering your referrals and other information I had collected. I spent a long time planning this work and followed the protocol whereby I had my blood sent to for biocompatibility testing I had a mercury hair test. I followed and am following a cleaning detox protocol and I am very happy with my results
I think the testimonial I wrote for Dr. Ornelas below sums up my experience, I would be happy to speak with anyone who is looking for a phenomenal dentist at phenomenal rates . I am in amazed how affordable the work Dr. Ornelas did for me was and I am very grateful that he considers the safest and healthiest ways to keep the costs down while ensuring your healing success.
Please contact me with any questions.

Stephanie Trager


Stephanie Trager


My husband and I recently visited Dr Ornelas for extensive dental work and we were overjoyed by the results. We first heard about Dr Ornelas from a close friend who had been to see him while receiving alternative cancer treatments in Mexico. Our friend and ourselves both live in Hawaii where dental work is very expensive. Between my husband and me we required four crowns and fillings. We also decided to have our teeth whitened using the ZOOM technique. Dr Ornelas was so accommodating and even did all of this work in two days while maintaining the highest level of dentistry.
Upon receiving a routine dental checkup here in Hawaii our dentist complimented Dr Ornelas work. We would highly recommend Dr. Ornelas and allow him to give you our phone number for any questions you may have. We will continue to travel from Hawaii to have major dental performed by Dr. Ornelas

John and Holly Wisniewski

John and Holly Wisniewski


Dr Ornelas was recommended to me by a pharmacist friend who had a complete bridge done. Four years ago I moved to Southern California. The first thing I needed was a crown, Dr. Ornelas did the work for half the price of my local dentist.
Last week he finished a triple crown bridge. Perfect fit and color match. At a savings of $1,000 Impeccable credentials , personable manner, steps across the border. What more could I want?
Highly recommended
Richard Derby Redlands.

Richard Derby Redlands


I traveled to Tijuana from Dallas for a variety of medical services. I was referred to Dr Ornelas for a cap on a molar
Dr. Ornelas made a great accommodation in my busy schedule and did a splendid procedure with an excellent result
I would gladly guide my friends in Dallas to his office for State Of The Art Dentistry

Best regards.

Bill KIrkland

Dallas TX

Dr Ornelas:
I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your exceptional dental work you provided for me
The porcelain crowns, root canal and permanent bridge are of excellent quality You are one of the best dentists I have gone to.
To addition, the fees for your procedures are fifty to sixty percent less in the U S.
I would highly recommend anyone who wants quality dental work to visit you. Those who do will have not a new dentist, but also a new friend

John Lepard
Carlsbad. CA

John Lepard

Carlsbad. CA

April 28. 2005

Dr Ornelas is BY FAR the best dentist I have ever run across It has been a pleasure having my teeth worked on by Dr. Ornelas. His work is the highest quality and my teeth are now. thanks to him in fantastic shape. I would recommend Dr. Ornelas to anyone and everyone (as I always do) for any your dental needs.

Forrest Cokely.
Costa Mesa California

Forrest Cokely.

Costa Mesa California

May 2, 2005

Dear Dr. Ornelas:

Just a quick note to thank you for your help in getting my smile back.
My sister Barbara will be calling you for an appointment early next week.
As I mentioned, she lives in Santa Barbara and will be coming to see you.
If necessary, she can remain overnight in Tijuana or San Diego for the appointments.
Thanks for your help.

Best regards.

Carri Carl Burbank. CA.

Carri Carl

Burbank. CA.

I came here from Massachusetts to have a major dental work. After researching dentist in Mexico for over a year I decided on Dr. Ornelas because he was:

1- Biological.
2- Responsive to emails/ pricing, references general information.
3- His references were excellent
Then I came stayed at Las Rocas Spa/ Hotel m Rosanto wRch was excellent The whole experience was very good. Dr. Ornelas is a warm person, caring and loving person. He is responsible and cares about reputation and patients. His dental work is very good visibly and technically. Time will tell how well all or the work fells on my mouth but I recommend Dr Ornelas.


Jessica Feldheim -Massachusetts

Jessica Feldheim


Dear Dr Carlos Ornelas.

It is with a pleasure and a new bright smile that I am writing to thank you for your services.
As you know for the last 15 years I had been plagued with a variety of difficult dental problems. I had terrible experiences with several USA based Dentists who charged (or wanted to charge) a fortune to repair (or not to repair) my teeth.
After finding you on the Internet two months ago I am very pleased with the service you provided in only four visits It was well worth my two trips from Phoenix
Thank you. Dr Ornelas.


Don Miller - Scottsdale, Arizona

Don Miller

Scottsdale Arizona

November 29 2006

Dear Dr Carlos How have you been sir? Due to your good job filling my gum with white stuff. I really have been enjoying my teeth for years Again. I sincerely appreciate for your great service which I never had in my life. I would like to check and fill my half broken tooth if you may on December 6th afternoon Please let me know your US phone number so that I can call you for my appointment.


Charles Parks

Charles Parks


July 25 2005

Aloha Carlos

I highly recommend Dr. Jesús Carlos Ornelas Otañez. To me his approach to dentistry is not only professional but also artistic. When he was working on my teeth I felt as if he were a sculptor as well as an excellent technician. I am very happy with the outcome of his work and have highly recommended him to my friends that need dental work.
I hope it will do Good luck my friend. Aloha for now !

Sevan Thometz Artist on Maui Hawaii. USA

Sevan Thometz

Maui Hawaii.

Carlos :

Thank you so much for your patience. You did a good work. I appreciate what you've done for me and I will never forget it.

Allan Dorfman

Del Mar CA

Allan Dorfman


My wife and I have been going to Dr Ornelas exclusively for all our dental needs for over 5 years. During this time we have referred Dr Ornelas to numerous family and friends who have also found him and his staff to be very caring professional and up to date with the latest techniques and procedures.
In closing we are most thankful for having been referred to Dr Ornelas and to have him as our family dentist.


Larry and Cat Pedersen

Palm Desert California

Larry and Cat Pedersen

Palm Desert California

To Whom It May Concern
It is my pleasure to provide this letter of referral for Dr Jesús Ornelas Otañez of Tijuana. B.C Mexico.
About ten years ago I required some extensive dental treatment and consulted with three dentists in southern California. These dentists wanted to do what they wanted (not what I wanted) and were charging outrageous prices.
A mutual friend referred me to Dr Ornelas and I found he provides a superior professional service about 60% of fees charged in the U.S.
Since my treatment I have recommended Dr Ornelas to numerous family friends and acquaintances and everyone has been delighted with his services.
I recommend Dr Ornelas without hesitation or reservation


Al C Lambert Oceanside. California

Al C Lambert

Oceanside. California

Dear Dr. Omelas:
I want to thank you for the superb professional care you gave me in repairing my damaged teeth. Since I had postponed having the work done for many months I expected a painful and costly experience but was delighted to receive such excellent pain free care at a reasonable cost. I will be recommending you to all my friends- North of the Border.

Thanks Dr. Ornelas Sincerely.

Jan Arrigo Carlsbad. California

Jan Arrigo Carlsbad


Our experience with Dr Ornelas was nothing short of wonderful.

His office and staff were clean and professional yet relaxed and encouraging. Services was administered with a personal touch I had extensive restoration and amalgam removal and have had no trouble with his work. The total bill for us was only 60% of the lowest estimate in the states. The location of his office is ideal for those not entirely at ease with the idea of meeting a border town. Dr Ornelas personally helped us work out all the logistics. We give him and his staff the highest recommendation


Aaron and Erin Slack

To Whom It May Concern

I have known and been served by Dr Ornelas for about ten years and found his services to be outstanding. He is as knowledgeable and competent in dentistry as any dentist I have been to better than most. His office is clean and equipment of the latest technology. Besides he is very personable explaining the dental procedures and expectations as they are performed. His charges are very reasonable much more so than what I have experienced the U S and comparable to those I found in Southeast Asian dental facilities. I highly recommend him to anyone

Fred Michaels

Black River Falls. WI

To Dr Ornelas.
It is with great pleasure that I wrote this letter in thanking Dr Jesus Carlos Ornelas for the care given to myself and i'm sure to all of the people to whom he has come in contact with. He is without a doubt the most giving and caring person that I have had the pleasure to know, a person that with the drop of a hat will go out of his way to help any and all that are in need of help be it in his dental clinic or in his personal life. The world would be a greater place if all could be as giving and as caring as Dr Ornelas. I am very pleased to say that this man is a friend of mine.

Charles Hess Onboard

the S V Javamoon

November 4, 2006
Hi Doc

Thanks for your excellent dent work. especially the ozone treatment. It is efficient and well done.
I recommend people who want to get rid of all the metal toxins from their mouth.


Jenny Lee

March 10 2008
To Whom It May Concern

My dental history is extensive which means I have seen many dentists throughout the years. One day while complaining about my dentist my cousin told me to visit Dr Ornelas in Tijuana. Mexico. I am a college graduate from Chicago and would not normally think of going to Mexico for Healthcare but since my cousin was such a strong reference I took his advice now I am smiling!

For the last 5 years. Dr Carlos has taken my dental health to new levels and reduced my physical pain and financial pain. His services are far superior to ANY services performed in the states and less expensive. The staff is friendly and professional the office is clean and spacious with new clean equipment. When I call for an appointment they are always available to take me, especially in an emergency something I would not experience with my dentists in the United States.

Thank you. Dr Ornelas for the years of professional service as always your services are highly recommended.


Anthony V Nicola Patient