Root Canal / Cavitations

Just pulling the tooth is not enough. Tooth extraction sites may not fill in with healthy bone if socket lining (periodontal ligament) is not removed completely or fails to break down in the healing process. Bacteria and toxins remain trapped beneath healthy appearing tissue. This focal infection of the jawbone (N.I.C.O.) is a form of osteomyelitis and is a continuing strain on the immune system of the body.

Removal of the infectious tissue and toxins from cavitations is an essential aspect of maintaining good health.

A root canal is a mummified tooth structure that has been treated to be preserved. When the tooth is infected it has aerobic bacteria once the root canal is performed the only part that is cleaned in the entire tooth is the canal itself, but the tooth structure is composed by two or three miles of dentinal tubules that still contain the bacteria that then turns into anaerobic bacteria that is expelled to the bone attacking your immune system producing degenerative diseases, this has been proved by Dr. Weston Price.

It was recommended to me by Dr. George Meinig, the author of the book Root Canal Cover-Up, to remove all the root canals in patients that have degenerative diseases and cancer. It is a dead entity in your body.

So at this point it’s your own decision to have a root canal done or not?

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