Biocompatibility Testing & Hair Analysis

Testing for Dental Biocompatible Materials

All dental materials should be tested for compatibility prior to their use in order to insure maximum safety and good health. You cannot assume that your body will handle all materials equally well. Cost, durability, and esthetics alone are insufficient in choosing the appropriate material for you. It is important to include dental material testing in your decision-making process.

Blood Compatible Reactivity Testing

Using serum from a patient’s blood sample, antibodies formed against the chemical groups that result from dental product breakdown are detectable. Once the patient is sensitized from any source and is producing antibodies, use of any product that contains or may give off these substances should be avoided. This procedure makes is possible to select those materials that are least likely to cause a reactivity problem.

Hair Element Profile

For a temporal record of metabolism and exposure to Hg, Pb, Cd, As and other potentially toxic elements.

Use this test, in conjunction with other findings and patient symptoms, for early detection of elemental aberrations, because deviations often appear in hair prior to over symptoms.