Holistic Dentistry testimonial Barbara Vilaseca

I have been Dr. Ornelas’s patient for five full years now.  He is the best dentist I have had.  He is highly skilled and takes pride in his work.  

Dr. Ornelas is honest and caring.  He is not interested in cheating you to make an extra dollar.  You are not a number, you are his patient.  He will give you as much time as is necessary without looking at the clock.  Dr. Ornelas is not cheap.  I know that there are many other dentists in Tijuana who also work with Americans and who are cheaper.  I would not trust anyone else with my teeth, on either side of the border.  His office is  wonderful and centrally located in the Zona Rio area of Tijuana.  He speaks perfect English.


Barbara Vilaseca

San Francisco, CA.