Holistic Dentistry testimonial John Lowery

May 8. 2008

To Whom It May Concern

I am very happy to give this testimonial for Dr Carlos Ornelas. I was bom with bad teeth and I am dental phobic. This is not a good combination. By the time I saw Dr Ornelas I was 65 years old and had over 30 fillings, crowns and root canals I had begun some ngorous dental hygiene practices about 15 years before I was able to halt decay and fillings That was a good thing because I was running out of teeth.

What finally pushed me into Dr Ornelas office was that I lost a filling I stayed in denial for a couple of weeks, and then a filling on the other side popped out I made some phone calls and two dear friends suggested that I contact Dr Ornelas Both of these women are talented practitioners in their own right. One of them is at least as dental phobic as I am. She told me that Dr Ornelas had not hurt her and that the appointments were as stress free as possible. So I made the first appointment and drove down to Tia Juana with my wife. We met and he did the assessment. His approach was pleasant and respectful. He worked out a treatment plan to be earned out over and extended period of time so as not to place any excessive stress on my body. His total fee was very reasonable, especially considering that it was holistic treatment using non toxic materials.

Yolanda, my wife and I made at least 10 trips to Tia Juana for dental work. I never felt any pain. Nor was I in any great condition of stress. This was largely due to Dr Carlos skill and also his chair side manner During this period of time I got to know the Doctor really well and gained great respect for his skill and talent as well as his general integrity.

I am most honored to recommend Dr Carlos Ornelas as a provider of any form of fine dental care whether to a child or an elder, for damage control or maintenance His skill is matched by his compassion. He has a strong personal commitment against causing a patient pain. His office is pleasant and his assistants are kind and gentle in their dealings with patients.

Very sincerely.

John Lowery

Glendale California