Holistic Dentistry testimonial Craig Peters

Dr. Ornelas is the Best of the Best!

My wife and I have been traveling across the US-Mexico border to see Dr. Ornelas for 9 years.

From the very beginning, we have only been impressed by the friendly staff, the professional work, and the competitive prices. 

Actually, Dr. Ornelas’s work is beyond professional: it is cutting-edge. And why is this the case? Over the years, Dr. Ornelas has not only remained current in his abilities, but via world travel and training with fellow colleagues on the cutting-edge, he brings the very best that dentistry has to offer to all his patients.

I will speak from painful experience (it is a very difficult matter to lose permanent teeth). Around March of 2020, a tooth/gum infection resulted in very dangerous facial swelling (from the right cheek all the way up into the region around my right eye). A brief visit to a local (domestic) dentist in Phoenix, Arizona was all it took for us to realize we must see Dr. Ornelas, even at the risk of border closures and everything else related to COVID. In early April, we drove from Arizona to Pasadena, and then onward to Mexico. After crossing the border, and an easy cab ride to Dr. Ornelas’s office in Tijuana, all was set.

In a single day, Dr. Ornelas performed the oral surgery (removal of 2 teeth) and fitted me with a dental device that is still going strong over a year later. The cutting-edge part here was how Dr. Ornelas ran my own blood in a centrifuge to form plasma and then packed the cavity with my own blood as well as injecting the plasma into the post-surgery gum region. Of course, the surgical cavity was sewn closed Over the next few days, the pain was never more than 1.5 out of 10, and everything healed without incident.

Very few things in life are more important than one’s choice of a dentist. For many reasons, we are very grateful to have found Dr. Ornelas and we could not be more pleased with his care and concern for his patients. This care not only translates into excellent service, but also is seen in the fair rates behind his world-class dental practice.

Dr. Ornelas is the best of the best and we are honored to call him our dentist.


Craig Peters

Author, Educator, and Messianic Pastor