Holistic Dentistry testimonial Jim Bassett

To Whom It May Concern.

As a result of many years of neglect my teeth were in very bad condition. Nearly half of them had been pulled and the remaining teeth were crowned had root canals or both After having $2.600 of crown replacements in one year for those that had broke off or had otherwise become unserviceable. I had been advised in the past that I would eventually have to have all the teeth removed and replace with dentures. My confidence in the dental profession was at a low level.
A friend recommended I accompany him to see Dr Ornelas in Tijuana B C Mexico. Dr Ornelas confirmed the bad state of my remaining teeth and also identified infection around the roots of the remaining teeth. As a result I opted to have all the remaining teeth pulled and replaced with dentures. Since the root canals and crowns at gum level, the roots had to be dug out While not looking forward to this. I was pleasantly surprised and happy to report that the pulling of the teeth involved no pain whatsoever Impressions were taken for the dentures and delivered. Yes they are different. but considering what they replaced I am far ahead. Compared to having the same work done in the States I saved considerable money also.
I highly recommend Dr Jesús Carlos Ornelas DDS who recently complete extensive dental work for me and that I am very pleased with the result. Dr Ornelas has restored my confidence in dentists and is personally on of the finest dentist that I have come in contact with.


Jim Bassett Oceanside. CA