Holistic Dentistry testimonial Stephanie Trager

Thank you so much Dr Ornelas, you are truly the best dentist I have been to in my 37 years of life! I’m super health conscious individual with a holistic health coaching practice myself, I live in NYC and have been to Park Avenue dentists. 5th Avenue dentists, and many other dentists and each one had to fix what the other one did wrong I’m an attorney and a pretty skeptical person when it comes to dentistry I could never sit back and trust what was being done in my mouth, let the materials they were using. By the time I sat in Dr Ornelas’s chair I trusted him 100%.

When I was searching for a biological dentist to remove my amalgams including several crowns. I had a spreadsheet going of 5 different options in Tijuana. I spent over a month calling, getting estimates, reviews, and learning about the process. When I was referred by Huggins to Dr. Ornelas and spoke with him on the phone, he gave me his time and personality with generosity Having and informal consultation on the phone and learning all about his philosophy and the protocols and procedures he follows, and I instantly felt aligned with him.

When you’re traveling and don’t have the luxury of an initial visit and check up. it’s important to connect with the dentist in one way or another before you open your mouth and hand your body over to someone to deal with potentially dangerous substances! After speaking with Dr Ornelas, and being able to call him with ANY questions I had. I got a good feel for his availability and comforting nature his experience. The people he learned from, and his many years in practice rang through in his confident yet humble expression and I knew immediately that I wanted him to work on my teeth. When I arrived I felt like a family member was greeting me and when I sat in his chair I felt like my father was working on me.

I felt safe and comfortable with the protocol and Dr. Ornelas style of protecting you from amalgam and very importantly. I felt cared for Being alone on that journey to have major work done on my mouth, it was amazing to feel comforted and so not alone. I had to have a lot of work done and 3 crowns ready fast Within 3 days. 2 days of work with one day of the rest in between. Dr. Ornelas had me finished with a perfect bite to boot and I was off back to New York. Dr. Ornelas called me. checked in on me and truly cared how my healing was proceeding. I will be back to him soon to remove a few root canals and I have full confidence that the process will run smoothly.

I highly recommend Dr. Ornelas If you’re on the fence, give him a call and see for yourself. The whole process of finding the right dentist to do this work was for me a spiritual one. I am truly grateful I listened to my instinct and went with Dr Ornelas The whole trip was a success! I love how my smile looks now and I’m not embarrassed to open my jaws wide to reveal white, healthy teeth!

Stephanie Trager