Removal of the infectious tissue and toxins from cavitations is an essential aspect of maintaining good health.

Research performed by Boyd Haley PhD. demonstrates ALL cavitation tissue examined was found with toxins, which altogether inhibit at least one of five fundamental body proteins important in the vitality creation cycle.

These small quantities of toxins compound, metabolic waste substances (no doubt from anaerobic microbes) inside your mouth may create a perfect environment to produce several significant systemic effects, it can also play a superior role to detect very specific diseases that only a well trained holistic biological dentistry can diagnose, mainly based on his experience and empirical knowledge.


Boyd Haley PhD. has been one of Dr. Ornelas inspirations to achieve excellence in his practice in regards to Cavitations

Cavitation is a hole in the bone, for the most part where a tooth has been removed, and the bone has not correctly healed/filled. It is a zone of osteonecrosis (dead bone). Regularly when a tooth is removed, the surrounding periodontal film is typically abandoned.

Inside cavitation, anaerobic microorganisms prosper and degenerate cells increase. Cavitations go about as a perfect breeding ground for microscopic organisms and their poisons. Many research has proved that bacterial waste products are incredibly powerful and result in:  

  • A general feeling of malaise
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Digestion problems 
  • Facial Neuralgia
  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Phantom toothache pain
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Others chronic health problems.

Cavitations can likewise cause blockages on the body’s vitality meridians and can apply an expansive effect on the overall system. Researchers have uncovered that some cavitations are repositories of immense amounts of mercury. Cavitations might be a wellspring of low level or high-level stress on the entire body.


Diagnosing cavitations is a tricky procedure since cavitations don’t in every case promptly show up on X-rays. At times they appear just like an extremely Sutil anomaly in the surface pattern of the bone.

The suggested treatment of cavitations right now continue as before as proposed by the holistic biological dentist pioneer’s: surgical debridement (scratching clean) of the region to expel all undesirable bone and all pathology, for example, abscesses and cysts. It isn’t adequate to “punch” a little hole in the bone, drill a little and flush it out. In Fact, this, and the act of infusing these sores with homeopathic and different substances might just increase the probability of the injury as opposed to reducing it.

After the undesirable bone is removed, the objective is bone recovery. At this point, successful bone recovery has depended a lot on the healing capacity of the patient’s body and the treatment or disposal of inclining and hazard factors, which isn’t constantly conceivable. A delay of healing or reoccurrence of a lesion as well as a retreatment need is always a probability, regardless of how well the medical procedure is performed.

There are not many dental specialists who are prepared inadequately diagnosing and treating these lesions. The individuals who are not all that prepared are not fit the bill to analyze this condition or unhesitatingly guarantee patients that they don’t have cavitations.

In most of the cases, the ideal procedure it’s to clear the mouth of overwhelming metals before cavitation medical procedure. It’s also well documented that patients with non-metal dental rebuilding recuperate much better from medical procedure over those with heavy metals in their mouth.

In this view many things stood out, the RED circles appear as cavitated bone, holes in the bone where it did not heal after extractions, Blue are RCT done on #14,15 UL side both are reabcessed. The sinuses exhibit fungal and bacteria material the area between the Yellow line and green line which is the floor of the sinus.





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