Holistic Dentistry testimonial John Haslem Greybull

To Whom It May Concern
I have known Dr. Carlos Ornelas Otanez for approximately one year now and wish I had known him prior. He was recommended to me by the William Hitt Center and is highly regarded by them as an excellent dentist, capable of much more than just regular dentistry. He speaks English as well as you or I. is very well educated, and his staff is great. He uses the latest technologies as well as new cutting edge developments.
During the one year that I have known Dr Ornelas, I have had all of my fillings removed and replaced (to get rid of the mercury potential – due to my MS) which included two crowns, and nine inlays, miscellaneous cosmetic improvement, as well as a recent root canal. I can honestly say that in my 51 years I have never found a dentist that can give an almost pain free shot as well as Dr. Ornelas. Ninety five percent of the time, I didn’t feel a thing.

Each time I or someone in my family has needed dental care: Dr Ornelas has arranged his schedule to work us in as quickly as possible- in many cases, the next day. We travel from Wyoming each time, so it takes a day to get there. He and his staff are very courteous and respectful and offer extremely good prices- (as well as they stand behind their work) in many cases about half of what you would pay for in the States and in my opinion, their work is just as good- if not better.

If you are looking for a great dentist-biological or otherwise, a great price with excellent service. I highly recommend Dr Ornelas and his staff. They do excellent work and are great people

John Haslem Greybull WY