Holistic Dentistry testimonial Jessie Zurita

Dear Dr. Ornelas,

I wanted to say thank you for SAVING MY LIFE and I wanted to express my gratitude by writing this letter of recommendation to all who are looking for real results and to gain control over your life.
My symptoms included daily headaches, sinus infections, constant colds, bronchitis, weight gain, inflammation, cold hands and feet. I did not know that the main cause of all my ailments was my root canals until I came across an article by Dr. Hal Huggins and Bill Henderson where it talks about the dangers related to root canals. I tried to get a Biodentist in my area but not only did they not want to remove my root canals because she said I was too young (44 years old) but they wanted to charge me an estimate of $ 14,000.00 to get them cleaned and some other lame excuse. I just wanted relief for my constant pain and fevers that I had on a daily basis.
Then I came across Dr. Ornelas in Tijuana and at first I was a little skeptical but when I spoke to him he reassured me that I was going to feel better as soon as I got those 6 root canals removed. He did not hesitate in removing all the dead root canals. I got relief in October 2018. It was a big decision because that meant I was going to need a bridge but it was worth my health.
Three months after the big surgery I went for my follow up and everything healed perfectly, no more pain or headaches. My x-rays came out clear of any infection and now I was able to detox and lost 14 lb and I feel amazing back to my old self and I couldn’t have done this without the help of Dr. Ornelas.
The medical care and support I received was excellent!! Although I do not intend to repeat this procedure any time soon, I have no reservations about the quality of service I was given at Dr. Jesus Carlos Ornelas. I tell everyone he is he best and the most economical there is… www.biodentistry.org

Warm regards,

Jessie Zurita. Sylmar, CA