Holistic Dentistry testimonial Alfonso Jonhston

I have been to Dr. Ornelas for dental work for five years and I’m so happy with his manner, professionalism and the quality of his work. I used to go to a highly rated dentist in La Jolla, Ca. for about 20+ years. But, when I needed some dental bridge work, I had the LJ dentist do the work. The doctor’s lab did not do a good job as some teeth broke within 3 years. However, the quality used showed poor workmanship and materials, as I found out later. And, I was told it would cost me $$$$$ to replace the original Bridge. I had a friend who was a patient of Dr. Ornelas and he referred to him and said he was an excellent dentist. I was hesitant as I’d never had any dental or medical service in Mexico. Well, I was amazed with the quality, materials and workmanship that came from Dr. Ornelas. And, his price was less than 1/2 of the LJ dentist with a better look and comfort. I have recommended him to friends for any dental work and they are as happy as I am.


Alfonso Jonhston

San Diego, CA.