Holistic Dentistry testimonial Ruth Borntreger

In May of 2021, I came to Dr. Ornelas to do dental work. I am from Wisconsin. I took a scan of my mouth before I came. I had it taken in St. Paul, Minn. by a holistic dentist. Since the cost was prohibitive, I did not go for the consultation, but he sent me a copy of the scan and some of his recommendations. Since he was so expensive and the procedure would take several months, my husband decided I should go to Mexico to have it done by Dr. Ornelas.
Our son and two daughters had previously gotten work done by Dr. Ornelas and highly recommended him. My daughter went with me and off we went to Mexico. According to the information I´d gleaned from the scan results I thought I had 8 teeth to remove.
So when Dr. Ornelas saw my teeth and read the x-rays all of us in the office could see my dental work would be more extensive and we decided on removing most of my molars and putting in partials.
This came as a surprise to me and sort of shocking. Even though I made the decision to go ahead and do this, my subconscious mind still recorded the idea of losing my teeth. Plus I had not previously gotten work done by Dr. Ornelas and even though he was highly recommended I had not yet consciously fully trusted him.
But we began to work. I am working to hold my mouth open and cooperate and he and his two assistants are doing the dental work.
In the U.S. we are used to doing only a few teeth in one sitting, then maybe several weeks later, doing more. Dr. Ornelas did things fast which was new for me. It raised questions “does he know what he is doing?” Well of course he does, but will I be able to keep up the pace? However, as work continued he learned to slow the pace a bit and I learned to speed up, so we came to a happy medium after all and he earned my complete trust and blessing in the end.
What he does is well done and I am recommending him to anyone who is interested.
Dr. Ornelas had been advised to give his patients Vitamin C IV before the extractions, whereas he had been used to doing it afterward. So he decided to follow that advice. However, me being a freak case it boomeranged. I lost blood as it began to bleed too much. And I panicked which made it very difficult for Dr. Ornelas and his assistants to work on me. I felt sorry for him as he tried as hard and I cooperated so little. But he did a super job under adverse conditions. He quickly got the bleeding under control and took good care of me. I will always be grateful for his kind consideration of the patient and for his skillfulness in dental care. He comes up on the top of things which are difficult if he possibly can do so.
In the U.S. after such an ordeal I would have expected to be in recovery for several weeks. So I was in for a big surprise. The recovery was almost instant. By the next morning I was feeling well and I had slept well the first night. It was amazing. Not much pain the first night and none the next day. I took pain pills only a few times. It was so good to feel so well!
Meanwhile my daughter in law did go to the St. Paul Dr. and had two teeth removed. When I came home, I felt good and could go back to work, while she still struggled to recover after several weeks and I had done all the molars on my left side (except one).
Now 3 weeks later I am back to Dr. Ornelas office with my other daughter in law.
Yesterday I had my right side all done and I feel O.K. I am looking forward to having my partials made at a late date, once I am healed up.
Today he is working on my daughter in law. We are grateful to Dr. Ornelas and his faithful assistants for the helpfulness and the excellent dental care. We also offer thanks to our Lord in Heaven for guiding the dentist’s hands and for His merciful healing. Without His help, nothing could be one. To Him be all honor and praise.

Ruth Borntreger