Holistic Dentistry testimonial Valerie Hughes Ajijic

It’s been 2 months since Dr. Ornelas took out all my amalgam fillings, removed two crowns and pulled two teeth that had root canals. I also had two gold fillings that had to go (They were beautiful) and under one of them was amalgam. When Dr. Omelas removed my two crowns, under one of them the dentist left some amalgam.

The results

1 The pain-like feeling I had from one of the old root canals is gone. I would sometimes have that feeling all the way up to my ear. I always felt it near/under the tooth. It felt so ”wrong” that I never used that tooth for chewing, therefore not using that entire side of my mouth to chew.

2- What I am even more grateful for, is that my allergies are GONE!!! I waited 2 months to write this review just to make sure. Also, my post-nasal drip has diminished by about 90%. For years, I slept with a box of kleenex. I had so much drainage I am amazed!!! In fact, the most amazing part is most of the drainage stopped 2 days after the fillings and crowns were removed. There was all sorts of black stuff under the fillings. and I’m guessing that’s what caused the allergy since my symptoms stopped too quickly for the cause to have been only the mercury I have since detoxed metals.

3- I have new fillings and crowns made of some material that is 98% bio-compatible, and I have a removable appliance where the 2 root canals were. I couldn’t have a permanent one because the teeth were next to one another.

In addition to all of the above, Dr Ornelas and his assistant Angelica are kind personable and skilled practitioners. For anyone having symptoms such as I did, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Ornelas.

Valerie Hughes Ajijic, Mexico 6/25/16