Holistic Dentistry testimonial Jeff Spuck

March 8. 2007

I originally went to Dr Ornelas on the advice of a friend I admit. I was somewhat doubtful of going to a Mexican dentist, but I’m glad to say that I overcame my doubt I am very pleased with the work Dr Ornelas did. Two dentists in the US told me to get veneers for my front teeth, and my wife was insistent that I get permanent to have my front teeth crowned. The cost for veneers would be $1000 a piece
After consulting with Dr Ornelas, he told me that although most of his work would be about 1/3 the cost of having it done it the U.S. He also used the same veneers as my U.S dentists had recommended. They were the best he said. He could not charge me lees therefore, but he also did not try to sell me a cheaper less effective brand I very much appreciated his honesty.

He agreed that veneers were costly and since they frequently had problems later should I opt for veneers advised that they should be applied by a dentist nearby my home Again. I was very pleases his honesty
I chose to have the crowns put in- at 1/3 the cost of a US dentist. Dr Ornelas took great patience to make them match my existing teeth- and they look great Dr Ornelas works carefully- his two assistants speak enough English, and there is an atmosphere of congeniality and good humor as Dr Ornelas works and chats with his staff.

This helps a lot to relieve the boredom and stress of long procedures. You can also brush up your Spanish, if you’re so inclined Dr Ornelas also specializes in mercury-free dentistry. Although small, his office has what seem to me to have the latest technology. He cleaned my teeth with a laser (as well as gels) and employed a Swiss-made suction system to void my mouth.

My wife was so pleased with the work she also had her amalgam filling replaced. You can see Dr Ornelas’s office building from the border crossing making it very easy to get to For the first trip. Dr Ornelas suggested an inexpensive Best Western near the border (which provides a van ride in the morning right to his office and back). However on my last trip I was able to get a Southwest Airlines (round trip S100) in Oakland at 7 a m take a bus to San Diego center, catch the blue Line trolley that takes you to the border (1 hour), walk across the border almost directly into his building. He put in the crowns, made sure I was content with the work and I was able to retrace my way back to Oakland by 8 p m

I highly recommend Dr Ornelas for dental work It is no problem going to his office and (because he doesn’t have the overhead and costs US dentists have) he does the best work for much less. Were I to have any problems with his work. I’m confident that he would be available and honest to rectify the situation. I will certainly go back to him- for the savings of even one crown is worth the cost of the air fare

Best regards.

Jeff Spuck