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Dr.Ornelas, practicing biological dentistry at the San Diego border, offers low cost biological dentistry to San Diego residents. Our facilities are located just 5 minutes from the San Diego, California – Tijuana B.C. Mexico Border.


We offer a highly controlled sterilization system for your total security and confidence with space age materials and mercury-free dentistry.


Welcome to the San Diego adjacent biological dentistry website for Dr. Jesús Carlos Ornelas. We provide low cost dentistry for patients seeking metal-free fillings, crowns, or Mercury filling removal. He also uses OZONE in most of his procedures.

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Dr. Jesús Carlos Ornelas, Holistic Biological Dentist.

Many of our dental patients come to us because holistic bio-dentistry can provide a low-cost alternative to the traditional, expensive San Diego dentist. A good holistic biological dentist can provide metal-free dentistry at a reasonable price and still offer low cost crowns and metal-free fillings. Many dental patients seek care at San Diego adjacent dentist Dr. Ornelas’ office to get high quality dental care at a low cost.

Dr. Ornelas practiced dentistry in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas for close to five years before buying his current practice at the San Diego/Mexico border. Dr. Ornelas has been in practice since 1984 in general dentistry has been practicing holistic dentistry since 1996 and has worked on many cancer patients, helping them remove mercury fillings or infected root canals that could be contributing to their illnesses.

Many patients ask if it is easy to get to his office. The answer is yes, it is easy to get to his dental office. Dr. Ornelas patients simply park at the border parking lot and walk  across the border and take a complimentary yellow taxi to Dr. Ornelas dental office at the Premier Medical Center. Feel free to call toll free 1-866-813-4999 or (619) 739-4396.

Save money and still get top notch dental care!

When Dr. Ornelas was working as a holistic biological dentist in Los Angeles, traditional dentists often called upon him to repair fillings that had become dental infections and remove mercury fillings from their patients’ mouths. Unfortunately, many non-biological dentists still use mercury in their work although it is a known carcinogen, which many believe causes serious health risks if these mercury-filled fillings leak. If these toxic mercury dental fillings break off or slowly leak, the dental patients start to ingest this poison into their bodies. In our dental office, we do not use this cheap toxin in the first place, but we specialize in removing these dangerous metal fillings before they pose health challenges to our patients.

We also offer low-cost dentistry in comparison to many San Diego dentists with high overhead and building rental costs. Holistic biological dentist Dr. Ornelas keeps a small, clean dental office, with a knowledgeable dental assistant to give you one-on-one dental care. We do not rush from dental chair to dental chair trying to sell as many fillings as we can, we simply take care of your teeth, provide metal-free dentistry and great veneers or crowns if needed.

You can save money on your dental treatment because our prices are 40%-60% lower than a traditional San Diego dentist and we provide clean bottled water for rinsing. Our office is equipped with WI-FI, satellite TV and a local (619) San Diego phone line.

Our bilingual staff will help you in understanding the vital role your oral health plays in your overall wellness.  It is our hope that this website will inform you of a more cost-effective approach to dentistry and help you improve your oral health in the process.

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